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A Portion of the Proceeds Generated from Adoptee Merch is Committed to Donating DNA Kits to a Adoptees in Need

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If there is one thing we believe in at Adoptee Merch. is that every Adoptee in the world deserves their truth about who they are and where they come from.  We believe the TRUTH is the only way to move forward towards acceptance and healing. We're passionate about this and will do whatever we can to walk along side of our fellow Adoptees as they navigate the journey of self discovery by DNA testing. 

This is a core value of Adoptee Merch. 

Giving Back by Donating DNA Kits to Adoptees in seek of their truth!

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Adoptee Strong

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The purpose for creating an "Adoptee Strong" graphic and adoptee merchandise with Adoptee Strong on it is to remind adoptees that yes, they are strong. It's also to let the world know being an adoptee WE HAVE TO BE STRONG!

This might make non-adoptees ask themselves, "Wow, what is this adoptee strong from? I thought adoption was a wonderful thing?"

We're Adoptee Strong for surviving abandonment and rejection, heartache, heartbreak, trauma, grief and loss from our adoption experiences. We're Adoptee Strong for being in a world that glorifies our pain because in adoption as far as the world can see, everything is all pink and fluffy. 

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