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Suggestion Box

If you'r an Adult Adoptee we would love for you to get involved. We want your suggestions for future graphic designs for our merchandise.

Our goal is to get input from adoptees near and far and integrate many ideas into our designs. We're taking a specific twist into wearing "Adoptee Words" which will elevate the Adoptee Voice so please send us your suggestions and we will take a look at them. After careful consideration we will contact you if we're interested in putting your suggestions into a graphic design which will then be shared via Adopee Merch. 

Please email any suggestions to: info@adopteemerch.com


Disclosure Statement: We must be upfront, when you make a suggestion it doesn't necessarily mean it will get selected for a graphic design. We get dozens and dozens daily, so we will carefully choose at our discretion what will best fit our desired target audience. We do value and appreciate every entry made. You guys rock!