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About Us

Adoptee Merch was founded as a reflection of raising Adoptee Voices through branded clothing and merchandise. We desire to make a statement and let the world know how many of us feel through merchandise designed specifically for Adoptees.  We take pride in dynamite Adoptee merchandise as well as putting our customers first with a focus on listening to and sharing Adoptee Voices. 

Empowering Adoptees one step at a time through wearing words. Wearing words Adoptee related will spark conversations and make a bold statement, "I'm Adopted - Let’s talk about it!" 

Nothing about adoption is normal, but normalizing the conversation of adoption can bring us closer together and healing in many ways. Our hope is that through Adoptee Merch. adoption will be talked about more than ever before, secrecy no more. 


We’re Making The Choice To Wear Our Voice!

Adoptee Merch.

Launching January 2018