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DNA KIT COMMIT is our way to give back to the Adoptee Community.

What does DNA KIT COMMIT mean?

A portion of every purchase will be used towards providing DNA Kits to Adult Adoptees who are in desperate need of their truth.

We’re excited to assist our fellow Adoptees in seeking what’s rightfully theirs, the answers so many others take for granted:


After careful consideration, and a selection process, we will select an Adoptee who we will provide with a DNA Kit from our DNA KIT COMMIT Program so that they can be on their way to finding their truth.

We hope to have some volunteer search angels available to jump on board and assist these Adoptees as they navigate this new territory of self-discovery. If you're a search angel and interested in volunteering for this program, please email us. We would be ever so grateful for your participation.

We will also let sponsors purchase DNA kits to match the kits purchased for our DNA KIT COMMIT Program. If you are interested in assisting with this please email us.

We hope our DNA KIT COMMIT Program will grow and we’ll be able to assist limitless numbers of Adoptees from around our community.

If your an Adoptee wanting to submit your information for a chance at being selected for our DNA KIT COMMIT Program please email us with the following information:

*Your first & last name & confirmation you are an adult Adoptee along with your age.
*Why you haven’t been able to purchase your own DNA Kit in as much detail as possible.
*What are the reasons a DNA Kit would mean so much to you?
*Have you found your maternal OR paternal families? If so, what’s the outcome?
*Would you consider sharing parts of your journey of discovery with our followers at Adoptee Merch?

Please include as much information as possible because this information is what will govern the selection process.

At Adoptees Merch we believe every Adoptee deserves to know where they come from. DNA is the new TRUTH. Anything less we consider abuse.

Thanks for being a part of the biggest Adoptee Movement of the Year!

Please email with any questions.
Email: info@adopteemerch.com
"Discovering my ethnicity was very important to me. I knew nothing about my birth family because I came from a closed adoption. Finding out my heritage was my first step to getting in touch with my roots. Little did I know the DNA test would lead me to a cousin who connected me with my birth mother. I also found out things about my ethnicity I would never have guessed. DNA testing changed my life!' - Gina A. Lexington, KY
"After DNA testing I was able to confirm who my birth father was without using his DNA. Some of my highest DNA matches were his ancestors matching by surnames. I was fascinated because I always thought I needed his DNA to make this confirmation which isn't true. I also learned I'm Swedish and Irish and I've never known my ethnicity until 41 years of age.  DNA has given me confirmation of the truth that I wasn't able to receive otherwise. I'm extremely thankful for DNA testing, especially being a closed adoption adoptee" - Jennifer K. Cincinnati, OH
"Before my DNA testing, I was basing my identity on someone else's facts. After the tests, I now base my identity & roots on the truth. Facts can change but the truth will always remains the same. The truth is what we seek.  Regardless of how painful or joyful the test results reveal, it's far better than living from someone else's lies/facts or no information at all" - Stephani H. Louisville, KY
"Almost three years ago now—like dropping a message in a bottle into the sea—I sent off my DNA sample really expecting to learn nothing beyond some history about what regions of the world my ancestors might have come from. Now, after being initially contacted by my previously unknown ½ sister, DNA testing has provided the clues to a history that has led to the discovery of seven other siblings, and even a surviving parent. A great tool, DNA testing is the technology of the present and future finding the answers to our pasts" - Kevin E. Lancaster, PA