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Founder BIO

Pamela Karanova was born in a small town called Waterloo, IA. She found out she was adopted around 5 years old and she spent her childhood fantasizing and dreaming about the day she would finally come face to face with her birth family. She started her search and over a 20-year period she’s reunited with her biological family. Although her discoveries were nothing like she dreamed, she is forever thankful for her truth.

Pamela is a long-time supporter of Adoptee Rights and supports her fellow adoptees as they search for their truth. Pamela believes no matter how hard this truth is, every adoptee deserves to know where they came from.

Adoptee Merch has sprung to life out of a vision of Pamela’s which is focused on raising Adoptee Voices in the Adoptee Community worldwide through branded merchandise. After a long drawn out search she learned this is something that’s non-existent in the Adoptee Community. Pamela feels this needs to change not only for the Adoptees of today, but future generations of Adoptees. There is no shame in being adopted.

Pamela realizes the sensitive nature of profiting off of adoptee loss in the adoptee community, as it’s a sensitive topic for her as well. She took this into consideration at great length before deciding to pursue this vision. She feels that raising Adoptee Voices by wearing branded clothing and merchandise is a critical step in the Adoptee Movement moving forward. Pamela believes at times we as adoptees can participate in our community being oppressed with our thinking being closed off to Adoptees sharing ideas to grow and expand our community as long as money is involved. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, Pamela feels this line of thinking is as old as the Archaic Adoption Laws were fighting against. Pamela believes that in order for real change to happen we must break out of this mindset. If all the other oppressed groups in the world had this mindset change would never have happened. Pamela is prepared to pave the way in the Adoptee Movement and encourage her fellow Adoptees to share their ideas, gifts and talents with the Adoptee Community.  We’re stronger together! 

The benefits to raising Adoptee Voices in this way doesn't come without a hefty price. The time and money Pamela's spent creating Adoptee Merch will circle back around to create more Adoptee Merch which will be changing all the time. Time is money and it takes a lot of time to design these products specific for Adoptees as well as creating the graphic designs, printing, shipping and maintaining all the dynamics involved in Adoptee Merch. Pamela wants to keep new merchandise coming as well as inspire her fellow adoptees to actively participate in sharing their ideas in the hope that this will bring the Adoptee community closer together.

Adoptee Merch is proud to support, help, and assist adoptees in finding their truth. Pamela believes the foundation of Adoptee Merch is rooted in the fact that while nothing is normal about adoption, normalizing the conversation about adoption from the Adoptees perspective is long overdue.

Pamela is committed to donating 100% of all proceeds from Adoptee Merch to Adoptees Connect, Inc. Beginning January 2019 Adoptee Merch is owned and operated by Adoptees Connect, Inc. What is Adoptees Connect? Adoptees Connect is building person to person communities for adult adoptees around the USA and abroad. To learn more about Adoptees Connect, Inc. visit www.adopteesconnect.com


Pamela believes  that 2019 will be a year of boldness for the Adoptee Community and she’s  excited to be a part of the biggest Adoptee Movement of the year!


Pamela Karanova