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Adoptee Strong

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Some of our Adoptee Merch fans might wonder what inspired some of our graphics on our merchandise. Adoptee Strong, or Adoptee Rights Are Human Rights...
We think it would be awesome to share on occasion what the original drive has been to create that particular graphic and share it with the world through the avenue of Adoptee Merch.
"Adoptee Strong" was created for every adoptee out there, especially those who feel everything but STRONG. 
From my experience living as an adult adoptee, most days I hardly feel strong at all. But the truth is, not just for myself but for all adotpees is that if we're alive WE'RE STRONG. This adoptee journey isn't for the faint at heart or the weak. All of the things we have to experience and overcome just to live our daily lives, aside from our adoptee experience is a testimony of just how strong we are. I don't need to list everything, because if you're adopted you already know.
The purpose for creating an "Adoptee Strong" graphic and Adoptee Merch with Adoptee Strong on it is to remind adoptees that yes, they are strong and to let the world know being an adoptee WE HAVE TO BE STRONG! This might make non-adoptees ask themselves, "Wow, what is this adoptee strong from?"
We're Adoptee Strong for surviving abandonment and rejection, heartache, heartbreak, trauma, grief and loss from our adoption experiences. We're Adoptee Strong for being in a world that glorifies our pain because in adoption as far as the world can see, everything is all pink and fluffy. 
Adoptees know that Adoption is not just rainbows and unicorns. Any adoptee that can make it out of this thing is a survivor and we are strong.
This graphic is a reminder just how strong we are - ADOPTEE STRONG! 
Kind Regards,