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A Portion of the Proceeds Generated from Adoptee Merch is Committed to Donating DNA Kits to a Adoptees in Need

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Giving back is really why Adoptee Merch was founded.
What good is life if we aren't giving back? 
If there is one thing we believe in at Adoptee Merch. is that every Adoptee in the world deserves their truth about who they are and where they come from.  We believe the TRUTH is the only way to move forward towards acceptance and healing. We're passionate about this and will do whatever we can to walk along side of our fellow Adoptees as they navigate the journey of self discovery by DNA testing. 
As a way to give back to our Adoptee Community Adoptee Merch is making a commitment to use a portion of all proceeds made in purchasing DNA Kits to an Adult Adoptees in need. We will carefully select these Adoptees based on what they share with us regarding WHY this DNA kit is important to them and their journeys. We will then share their journey with you, as well as keep you up to date regarding the TRUTH they find out from the generous gift made possible by all of you! 
We want this to be a core value of Adoptee Merch. 
Giving Back by Donating DNA Kits to Adoptees!
DNA is giving answers to Adoptees that they have searched for what can be an entire lifetime and many of us have lived our entire lives in the "Unknown". We will not stop giving these kits away until every Adoptee on the planet has received one! Our days of not knowing the answers to our truth need to be behind us, so we can move forward towards acceptance and healing. 
Please believe that when you purchase merchandise from Adoptee Merch you are also helping an Adoptee in moving forward in seeking the truth to the questions so many take for granted, WHO AND I AND WHERE DID I COME FROM? 
If you are interested in making a specific donation to this cause or if you would like to match our gift please email us at: adopteemerch@gmail.com 
If you're an adoptee who is in need of a DNA Kit please email us your story with a focus on why a DNA kit would be so important to you. We will place these requests on a list and touch base as your name is selected. 
Kind Regards & Merry Christmas!