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God Danced The Day I Was Born Poster

Adoptee Merch.

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Inspired by Pamela Karanova, This design is something she holds very close to her heart. For most of her life she’s obsessed with visions and thoughts about the day she came into this world, the day she was born. 

Her birthday has always been a somber day filled with highs and lows along with thoughts of the reality of what really happened that day. Did her birth mother see her face before she was swept away? Did she hold her? Did she name her? Was the room dark and gloomy? Was her birth mother sad that day? 

Pamela will never know the answers to these questions, but they still cross her mind continuously and each year leading up to her birthday.

Pamela heard the quote “God danced the day you were born” – unknown and was fascinated by this thought. Awhile back she was enlightened with a healing exercise called Back to the Womb by Dr. Charles Kraft. This healing exercise took her all the way back to the beginning of life, conception. It’s been one of the most healing experiences of Pamela’s lifetime and she’s shared it with many of her fellow adoptees so they can too, experience the same healing.

The quote “God danced the day you were born” is something Pamela believes to be true for everyone that comes into this world. However, Pamela sees how this sort of quote/statement can be used as a silencer statement for an adoptees pain and truth of how many of us come into the world. Pamela believes, that yes God danced the day she was born, but he also wept tears with her when she lost her mother. This is a critical dynamic to Pamela’s journey and she believes it to be true to her fellow adoptees, or anyone that loses their mother at the beginning of life.

For one family to gain a child, that child had to lose its mother (and first family) first.  As a society, we have to stop ignoring this trauma. Pamela has grown to know based on her own journey that the society we live in doesn’t acknowledge our grief, trauma & loss regarding our adoption journeys. Instead they celebrate it. Pamela believes that God is so hurt and saddened any time a mother and a child is separated, and that he weeps with us and cries tears for every broken-hearted baby, child or adopted person due to so much that is lost. He grieves with us because our world is celebrating and praying for this trauma to happen.

Pamela realizes this piece of art work isn’t for everyone, but hopefully it will speak to other fellow adoptees and let them know that Yes, God danced the day we were born, yet he wept with us when we lost our mothers. It isn't part of God's Plan for babies to be separated from their mothers. Pamela believes He continues to weep tears with us regarding what our world has made adoption into today. 

This piece of art is a reminder for each adopted person of the truth. While the world refers to us as "Gifts" and tells us we're "Lucky" our adoptive families wanted us when our own mother's didn't - Regardless of the reason for separation, God weeps with us when we lose our mothers. 

- Pamela Karanova, 
Founder | Adoptee Merch 


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