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Finding My Truth Has Made Me Whole by Mary N.

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Finding my truth has made me whole.

By Mary N. 

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 I am fascinated with the DNA part of it, the genealogy. The truth is, the results of the end of a very long search for my living family was unbelievably painful and disappointing.

I guess what I got out of it is almost a sense of being spared the real insane and chaotic life my siblings lived. I feel like the abandonment I felt, which I feel is the reason for my addictions are minuscule next to my adult siblings. Knowing myself, I would not have survived what they still do today. I have 23 years clean. Everyone is still sick and using.

They were abandoned by their father (my biological father) and went wild very young but still are. My youngest sister is the only one I talk to. She is not well due to an addiction to alcohol. It's very sad. She is 12 years younger than me. She was abandoned by our father, who left his wife and her at 6 years old to raise another woman's kids.

My little sister turned out to be the only one I get the truth from. I feel so bad that she's is not well, but I talk to her every time she calls and never judge her or bring it up. I understand numbing yourself and I'm not trying to save anyone. I am going to meet her soon. I look forward to the day I get to see a blood relative, in real life. Finally.

In a nut shell getting that DNA kit from Adoptee Merch’s DNA KIT COMMIT program has made me whole despite the lack of gold at the end of the rainbow. I'll take that back; my blood little sister is gold. In retrospect, I also learned that I may have been spared a pretty bad life and early death by being given up for adoption.

I want to give my deepest thanks to Pam for helping me through so many years of searching and for the DNA Kit from Adoptee Merch. This DNA gave me the TRUTH I would otherwise never receive. I Love you Pam so much and Michelle, my search angel for finding paternal side and thus my little Sister.

Warm Wishes, 

Mary N.