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Adopted - SOLD inspired by Cristina Fernandez

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Adopted = SOLD

I'm often labeled as "lucky," and always encouraged to be "grateful" that I was "chosen" over being aborted. It took several years for me discover that the threat of death was not hanging over my head. When I contacted my birth parents, I learned that abortion was never even an option.

As I came to know the Lord, I started to see how the system of adoption was a counterfeit to God's divine adoption through Christ. So often, these two are deemed parallels, and adoptive parents are seen as saviors. However, this is idolatry and it places a huge burden on the adoptee. 

As I started to come out of the fog, I began to see that all along, I was the tool for serving other people's wishes and desires. At this point in my life, I grew so incredibly depressed, because I had no idea who I was. I was simply trying to be whoever I was being told to be, to avoid conflict.

I realized that I was not adopted, in the biblical sense. I was sold, in a wordly sense.

Faith in God, however, has taken me far.

A lot of people don't realize that our adoption system is promoting legal human trafficking and that so long as adoption exists as a business, it cannot be ethical or impartial. I think this t-shirt is a summarized way of educating others on this.

Perhaps it will encourage others to do some research.

I decided to write a book so that I could validate the adoptee experience.

The book is called: Why Aren't You Like Me? The Brochure Said You Would Be.

It is currently available on my publisher's website: lulu.com. It will be available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon within the next month.

I hope it brings peace and comfort to many. 

Link: Why Aren't You Like Me? The Brochure Said You Would Be.

I host a YouTube Channel: Cristina Fernandez


Cristina Fernandez is an adoptee who is passionate about sharing the gospel, writing, singing, and decorating. She says she loves decorating so much she needs to go to decorators anonymous! Cristina has started a YouTube Channel to raise awareness on topics related to adoption. One of her plans is to go to different adoption support groups in different states to do a book signing and have people subscribe to the channel. Cristina works for a non-profit organization that places early childhood centers inside specific communities. Her job focuses primarily on the academic side of the house. She helps design curriculums and reviews lesson plans. God Willing, she’s currently receiving her master’s in education May 2018. She currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Cristina, on behalf of Adoptee Merch we’re walking along side of you cheering you on! We support you. We’re excited for you and so very honored you would share your inspiring idea with us regarding the graphic design that has been brought to life that is spot on for so many of us. Your book is something to be celebrated in our community and it’s time the tides change, and adoptees voices are heard all over the world. Thank you for your perseverance in sharing the truth about the adoption industry, and the deception behind many churches and religions of the world today. Thank you for drawing the line for us to see the TRUTH. The adoptee community loves you and we have your back! Love, Love