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Adoptee Rights Are Human Rights Mug made in the USA

Adoptee Merch.

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Hot Seller, Adoptee Rights Are Human Rights!
For all of our Adoptee Rights Activists out there.
Adoptee Rights are Human Rights. John 8:32 says "Then you will know the truth & the truth shall set you free!"
Imagine a simple piece of paper that holds the truth... but you can't have it.
There is no legitimate reason why, but it holds the KEY to finding your history, biological family, medical history, ancestors, nationality, and so much more. That simple piece of paper is our original birth certificate. Denied to adoptees all over the world! Remember, we can't HEAL unless we know our truth! Help adoptees gain our TRUTH and get on board for adoptee rights!
We're humans too! Everyone deserves to know where they come from. 

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy
• Made in the USA

This glossy mug will become an irreplaceable item in your everyday routine thanks to its perfect size and sturdy shape. Its brilliant print will retain its quality even when dish-washed and microwaved.