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Our Volunteer Adoption Search Angels

Our DNA Kit Commit  Program was designed as our way to give back to the Adoptee Community. In an attempt to assist our fellow adoptees we have a few Volunteer Adoption Search Angels on standby to help adoptees search for their long lost family after they receive their DNA results.   

What does DNA KIT COMMIT mean? A portion of every purchase will be used towards providing DNA Kits to Adult Adoptees who are in desperate need of their truth. 

We're excited and honored to have these Volunteer Search Angels on board, and helping these adoptees in finding their truth. 

Meet Volunteer Search Angel - Michelle Martin



Michelle was adopted at birth in 1960. In 1984, through a national searcher Michelle reunited with her natural mother and four maternal half-sisters.  As with many reunited adoptees, Michelle’s maternal reunion path was scattered with many briers and thistles, yet also held such precious bits of connection along the way.  The reunion with her natural maternal heritage spurred Michelle on to learn the search process after which she went on to become a natural family searcher herself.  After the death of Michelle’s adoptive father in 1993, Michelle made the decision to search on her own for her natural father and successfully located him in 1994 along with 7 natural paternal half-siblings.  There was a deeper connection on Michelle’s paternal side than with her maternal side of the family and they connected solidly as a family unit for the next 22 years until Michelle’s natural father passed away in 2016.  Michelle’s heart is passionately ignited by helping adoptees search for and reunite with their natural/first families.  Having been severely affected by trauma resulting from the separation from her natural mother at birth, Michelle is determined to do whatever possible to assist other adoptees in completing their search for identity and to learn in community, the power behind the empathy adoptees can offer one another that can bring significant amounts of healing.  Michelle enjoys writing, singing, playing keyboard and guitar, along with acrylic painting.  She is a Nana to 2 grown grandsons, with a new little grandson on the way and has an adorable Yorkiepoo named Angel.

If you are interested in being a volunteer search angel please email us at info@adopteemerch.com