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Adored Adoption Tell The Truth

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These are the days where adoptees are stepping forward and sharing the TRUTH on how all the secrecy and lies in adoptions today have impacted them. This graphic design was designed specifically for adoptees in mind. It's a gateway to spark honest conversations not only online, but in our communities. 

Adoptees are killing themselves because they don't have the truth that so many people take for granted. Our jails, prisons, treatment facilities and mental health facilities are over represented with adoptees in our world today because we're hurting. We're 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than non adopted individuals. 

Adored Adoption Tell The Truth

Yet society continues to deny these very real realities and they adore the very man made system that's hurting so many adoptees. Adoption has been around for a very long time, and it continues to flourish in our world and our communities. While it's a unregulated multi billion dollar industry, adoptees are the one's paying the price. 

If you support adoption, that's wonderful for you but let me ask in the same sentence if you also support the truth? If your answer is yes, no matter who you are you should support the truth in all adoptions today. This doesn't mean supporting half truths, or trying to protect an adoptee from their truth. At age appropriate times, every single adopted person on this planet deserves to know the entire truth about who they are and where they come from. 

Adored Adoption Tell The Truth

Adult Adoptees are not shutting up and we're not backing down. In my experience being an adult adoptee, the truth being hidden from me only destroyed me. It kept me in a space of constant depression, sadness, and even suicidal at times. Fighting the closed adoption system, eventually I was able to gain access to the very truth that was kept hidden from me. In learning this truth, MY TRUTH I've been able to acknowledge it, accept it, and move forward with healing. 

Being adopted and knowing our truth and 100% of it is critical to our healing process. We can't heal from secrecy, lies and half truths. 

This graphic designed t-shirt is dedicated to all the adoptees who still don't have their truth, who are fighting for their truth or who have lost all hope in receiving their truth. You aren't alone. We see you, we understand your pain,and we won't back down until every adopted person has their truth. 

- Pamela Karanova