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Adopted - Inspired by Rebecca Dhillon

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I am adopted. I am proud of my story and could not imagine keeping it a secret. I often feel like I am not allowed to speak freely about my adoption and about my journey around extended family and significant others so as not to make anyone uncomfortable, but not being able to share such an integral part of myself with those that I love is what is uncomfortable.

No one has a right to your adoption story, so if you want to share, share, and if you do not, that is your choice and no one else’s. I am extremely open about my adoption and always offer a safe space to anyone who wishes to learn more so that the taboo of talking about adoption can be dissolved, and potentially harmful questions can be adjusted.

I believe it is time to bring discussing adoption to the next generation through social media in fun and engaging ways (Adopted Disney Characters anyone?) so that adoption can be embraced positively and without shame.

This shirt was inspired by my passion for raising awareness about adoption and I hope will compel others to speak more freely about adoption.



BIO: Rebecca is a Californian adoptee and student in Canada on the search for her birth family. Her search started as a child and has since located the man documented as her birth father; but after a paternity test came back negative, she starts at square one, once again. She currently searches for her birth father and family members using DNA and ancestry and is living inside a pile of paperwork to find her (also adopted) brother. She has created Adoptee Things, a YouTube channel aimed at documenting her journey as well as reclaiming adoption in a positive, fun, and new way.

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